Trust — it never goes out of style.

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Imagine this. You’re in a mall and you need to find a cafe to do some work in until your next meeting. Do you go to a cafe that you know has a reliable internet connection OR do you go to a cafe that you’re unfamiliar with and risk paying for a drink to get sh*t WiFi or no WiFi at all? Unless you didn’t need WiFi in the first place, you would’ve chosen the first option.

Decision-making becomes so much easier when you are presented with buying things of the same nature from two different business owners. Why? …

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This year has been all about rolling with the punches and turning lemons into lemonade.

It’s the last day of the year, and whether I like it or not, it’s the most memorable to date. These are my reflections…

How I would explain 2020 to future generations

2020… It was the year of toilet paper, hoarding, hand sanitisers, and fear-mongering. We saw increased rates of suicide, mental health issues, and domestic violence. Millions of people were left feeling lonely and isolated during extended lockdowns or quarantines.

2020 was the year of conspiracy theories and polarising politics. Left or right. Masks or no masks. Vaccine or no vaccine. Black…

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Last week, Friday, marked the end of the Generation Equality Asia-Pacific Design Challenge organised by World Design Organisation (WDO) and UN Women Asia-Pacific (UN Women APAC).

The design challenge brought together over 100 participants from 29 countries to identify human-centric, solution-based design initiatives to address the issue of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG/VAW).

Six teams worked virtually with Subject Matter Experts and Design Facilitators to address critical challenge statements that promote behavioural change to reduce violence against women. My team’s focus was on how to transform the double-edged nature of the media to positively influence audiences.

It was the…

Lauralyn (Laura)

#GenerationEquality Advocate • Sales & Marketing Manager • Writer • Filipina Third Culture Kid •

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